Gambia’s incoming government rejects Jammeh’s bid to constitute a Supreme Court

Gambia’s incoming government rejects Jammeh’s bid to constitute a Supreme Court

The coalition that won The Gambia’s December 1 presidential polls said Monday they do not recognize that the outgoing President Yahya Jammeh has the constitutional authority, in the last days of his Presidency, to appoint any Supreme Court judge in The Gambia for the purpose of receiving his petition.

President Yahya Jammeh had accepted defeat and called to congratulate President-elect Barrow before dismaying the world a week later rejecting the results “in totality,” calling for new elections to be held under a new electoral commission and announcing he would be legally challenging the results in the Supreme Court.

The Gambia’s president-elect’s transition team rejected President Yahya Jammeh’s bid to constitute a Supreme Court to hear his petition over irregularities that he claimed Friday caused him to lose elections.

There has been no Supreme Court in The Gambia for a year and the ten days Mr. Jammeh had to file a petition had expired.

“We, therefore, dismiss the attempt to legitimize the illegal action of the outgoing President and even the idea that this action is capable of being legitimized,” said Mai Ahmad Fatty, a senior member of the transition team.

The international community has urged President Jammeh to step down and allow a peaceful transfer of power. Local reported the deployment of troops loyal to Mr. Jammeh to protect the seat of the government. A high-powered delegation of UN and West African leaders are due in Banjul on Tuesday to ask Jammeh to accept defeat and relinquish power.

The Gambia’s new administration in waiting called on senior members of Jammeh’s ruling APRC party to prevail on their leader to respect the outcome of the election and to refrain from any futile attempt to further subvert the will of The Gambian people, who are yearning for true democracy.

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