Halifa Sallah: Jammeh will be declared a rebel if he refuses to leave

The spokesperson for The Gambia’s President-elect, and senior member of the Gambia’s coalition leadership Halifa Sallah said President Yahya Jammeh will be declared a rebel if he refuses to hand over power after his term expires in January.

Jammeh, 51, lost elections to realtor Adama Barrow, a political novice who has never held public office. He conceded defeat and did a political flip-flop annulling the results and demanding fresh elections be held.

“If Jammeh insists on staying in power, then his government will be unconstitutional and it will be declared a rebel government,” said Sallah.

Sallah warned in an interview that security forces and civil servants who fail to accept Mr. Barrow as the President of The Gambia and the person authorized to manage the affairs of the state will also be declared a rebel.

Having a defunct government can cause instability in the small West African nation and turn it into a failed state. But Sallah is hopeful that would not be the case knowing that “no rebel can ever stay in office.”

“The era of coup d’etat and overstay in office are over. They can only cause havoc, make the state a failed a state and that is not in the interest of The Gambia and Gambian people,” he said.

President Yahya Jammeh is receiving UN and African leaders who are hoping to prevail over the country’s 22-year ruler to step down and allow a peaceful transfer of power to President-elect Adama Barrow.

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