Gambia’s ruling party formally challenges the election results

Gambia’s ruling party formally challenges the election results

The Gambia’s ruling APRC party has filed a formal petition in the West African nation’s Supreme Court challenging the outcome of the December 1 presidential polls that saw President Yahya Jammeh losing to real estate developer Adama Barrow.

A Gambian minister and senior official of Mr. Jammeh’s party, Bala Garba Jahumpa said there were errors in the manner in which the votes were tallied and the modification of the results “tampared with the election process thereby manipulating the elections.”

President Yahya Jammeh who conceded defeat made a political fumble after rescinding the bold decision and accused the electoral chief of being influenced by the international community. Jammeh called for fresh polls to be conducted by “an independent and God-fearing” electoral commission that will not “rig it in favor of the opposition.”

The Gambia Bar Association rejected Jammeh’s bid to constitute a Supreme Court to hear his petition and called his move treasonable, leaving foreign judges on contract to hear the case. The Gambia’s current Chief Justice is Nigerian.

President Jammeh said The Gambia’s unique electoral system is transparent, rig- and fraud proof whiles conceding defeat.

Forces loyal to President Yahya Jammeh sealed off the Elections House tuesday refusing commission chief and officials access.

The UN Security Council passed a unanimous resolution that Mr. Jammeh must step down. It has warned that any attempt to subvert the will of the people will be met with resistance.

ECOWAS leaders met with Jammeh, but failed to convince him to step down. The Gambia’s neighbors may use military force against Jammeh if he refuses to leave. ECOWAS said Mr. Jammeh refusing to leave threatens the peace in the sub-region.

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