Court orders Sabally to take plea

Court orders Sabally to take plea

Justice Eunice Dada has ordered former state broadcast network Director Momodou Sabally to take his plea after he refused to do so last month.

Sabally, a former cabinet member of President Yahya Jammeh’s government is being arraigned on charges that were dropped after he received a presidential pardon last year.

State prosecutors filed a Nolle Prosequi on economic crimes, abuse of office and giving false information charges.

Prosecutors are not saying why they seek to reinstate the case and Justice Dada has given Mr. Sabally 21 days to secure legal services.

Activists say Mr. Sabally’s arrest is politically motivated, and the local press union has demanded his immediate release and a discontinuation of his prosecution.

The Gambia Press Union said that his arraignment is a clear manifestation of intimidation and harassment on media practitioners.

Justice Dada said the Nolle Prosequi filed to abandon Mr. Sabally’s first prosecution does not bar any subsequent proceedings against him on account of the same facts.

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