Pastor Forbes likens post polls crisis to missing the ‘Day of Visitation’

Pastor Forbes likens post polls crisis to missing the ‘Day of Visitation’

With wisdom and humility, leading Gambian pastor and inspirational speaker has asked President Jammeh to step down after his term expires in January.

Pastor Forbes, an influential Gambian pastor and an inspirational speaker who has a considerable following in both Muslim and Christian faith, has likened the country’s current post-election crisis to missing a Day of Visitation.

Forbes who urged both President Jammeh and President-elect Barrow to adopt what he called “servant leadership” said the goodwill and praises that the hope for a smoother transfer of power in Gambia attracts must not be thrown away.

“In biblical language, it seems as if we have missed the day of our Visitation… Elections are over; it is time for us to consolidate our nation and our national gains…,” he said. “The election results are not a reflection of whether President Jammeh is hated or loved or whether president-elect Barrow is the best or not but the people have spoken…”

President Jammeh has lost the election to a property developer Adama Barrow, according to IEC, and he accepted defeat but later rejected the results citing irregularities and ordered fresh elections.

His rejection has been met with tough condemnation from home and abroad and recent days have seen unprecedented civil disobedience in the country from various professional organizations.

“… There is a way victory is sweet and there is a way that defeat is sweet because in both victory and defeat we learn lessons… For both president-elect Barrow and sitting President Jammeh whose legal term expires in January, a sense of destiny must arm them both…,” he added.

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