APRC must stop spreading non-existent rumors, says coalition

APRC must stop spreading non-existent rumors, says coalition

A spokesperson for The Gambia’s president-elect said APRC must immediately stop inciting division and spreading false rumors about non-existent partisan and tribal violence.

Mai Ahmad Fatty, a Gambian opposition leader denied claims by members of President Yahya Jammeh’s party that they and members of President Yahya Jammeh’s Jola tribesmen were attacked by supporters of the coalition that won the country’s December 1 presidential polls.

President Yahya Jammeh told religious leaders that his supporters were attacked in their homes. He advocated for peace and reconciliation.

“The Gambia Police Force has not reported to the coalition a single incident of an attack on any member of the APRC in any part of The Gambia,” said Fatty.

Jammeh had himself over the years incited tribal division threatening genocide towards the country’s largest Mandinka ethnic group. He has refused to leave power since losing polls.

The rhetoric of the APRC further compounds the illegitimate and destabilizing actions of the outgoing President Yahya Jammeh said the local bar association.

Jammeh has filed a petition in court challenging the outcome of the results. President-elect Adama Barrow has threatened to swear himself in as president and West African leaders are supporting him and pledge to attend his inauguration.

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