Barrow wants Jammeh to clean up his human rights mess

Barrow wants Jammeh to clean up his human rights mess

President-elect Adama Barrow will have the hardest job than any other West African leader to unite a small country and restore its international reputation as the champion of human rights.

The man responsible for declining The Gambia into the last stronghold for dictatorship in greater Africa has made a lot of mess, and Barrow does not want to clean it alone.

After trumping over Jammeh, my Barrow had immediately requested outgoing President Yahya Jammeh to exercise his powers to ensure the release of political prisoners and detainees who are held without char

“I would not want to assume political office and start a clean- up exercise to remedy existing human rights violations which could be remedied by the out-going President,” Barrow said.

Jammeh had a metaphorical electronic broom that cleans up his cabinet. Now that he would not be having a cabinet to vacuum, he may as well use it to clean up his human rights mess.

The Gambia’s 2016 campaign season shaped up to be the most misogynistic political season ever.

Jammeh is trying to appear kinder, humbler and more deferential after his shocking election loss while attempting to hold on to power, but Gambians cannot forget a man who has a penchant to retaliate for each perceived slight and to escalate any criticism.

For Gambians, Jammeh must not forget whiles cleaning up his human rights mess, he must clean himself up with the electric broom out of The Gambia like he cleans ministers out of his cabinet.

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