Gambia’s Jammeh recalls his ambassador who urged him to step down

Gambia’s Jammeh recalls his ambassador who urged him to step down

The Gambia’s Chief Envoy to the United States has been recalled to home service by President Yahya Jammeh, whom he urged to hand over power to President-elect Adama Barrow, after a decisive election in the West African state.

Ambassador Sheikh Omar Faye has urged Gambian officials, civil servants, and military personnel to protect country’s security, peace, and prosperity.

“We should all work together to ensure that the peace our beloved country is known for is not compromised. Gambian people, its history, and above all God, the Almighty will judge us. Let us all side with justice and the will of our people,” he said.

A former military officer, the former ambassador to the U.S. is holding on to hopes that the Gambian army will put loyalty to the country first and uphold the results of the country’s December 1 presidential polls, which Jammeh has refused to accept.

“I hope the Gambian Armed and Security Forces will do the right thing by standing with the People of The Gambia, maintain peace, and prevent any usurpation of power. They owe that to the people of The Gambia, to history, and to God, The Almighty,” Faye reiterated.

President Yahya Jammeh has come under increased international and local pressure to step down. The international community recognizes the legitimacy of Barrow, who is backed by seven opposition groups, as president-elect of The Gambia and say they will impose strong sanctions of Jammeh.

The U.S. said it will hold accountable anyone who uses violence to thwart peaceful transition of power in The Gambia.

Ambassador Faye is urging Gambians to rally behind Barrow and says the president-elect would be sworn in on January 19.

West African leaders vowed to enforce the outcome of the election and all pledged to attend Barrow’s inauguration in Banjul.

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