#GambiaHasDecided billboards taken down

#GambiaHasDecided billboards taken down

Gambian troops from its demoralized president’s elite guard unit were seen taking down #GambiaHasDecided billboards that sprung up around suburbs outside the capital, Banjul. The campaign posters replaced the many Christmas billboards that have pictures of President Yahya Jammeh on them.

The billboards put up by youths that are putting pressure on the country’s longtime ruler who refuses to step down would have earned its campaign leaders a lifetime prison sentence for treason in pre-election Gambia.

Amadou Scattred Janneh was a former minister of information under President Yahya Jammeh, the country’s eccentric longtime ruler who was defeated by a political newcomer Adama Barrow.

“I only printed t-shirts that read ‘no to dictatorship’ and I was charged with treason and sentenced to life. I spent two years in prison before Jessie Jackson intervened and I was expelled out of The Gambia,” Janneh said.

President Yahya Jammeh is under growing international and unprecedented local pressure to hand over power to Barrow, who was backed by seven opposition parties.

The #GambiaHasDecided campaigners refuse to be intimidated by Mr. Jammeh’s taking down of the posters and condemn the action as a provocation to cause tension.

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