Gambia’s UN envoy hands over to his repugnant deputy

Gambia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Momodou Tangara has handed over official duties to his repulsive deputy Samsudeen Sarr after being recalled to home services President Yahya Jammeh.

Tangara was among a dozen diplomats that called on President Yahya Jammeh, the West African nation’s autocratic ruler to step down and hand over power to a businessman, Adama Barrow who won the country’s presidential elections.

Sarr, a former commander in Gambia’s army defends Jammeh’s refusal to step down and said he will continue to be loyal to Mr. Jammeh.

Mr. Sarr threatened he would have given orders to security forces to open fire on unarmed opposition protesters who he said are “Western-sponsored puppets” bent on destabilizing the West African nation.

The Gambia’s Envoy to the UN, Momodou Tangara

The UN Security Council passed a unanimous resolution for Mr. Jammeh to hand over power or face strict resistance and sanctions from the international community.

ECOWAS has put a standby force on alert to intervene and uphold the will of The Gambian people if Jammeh refuses to leave when his term expires next month. Senegal is expected to lead the intervention.

Sarr has warned that ECOWAS forces will be treated as hostile troops occupying a sovereign nation and their presence will be met with fierce combat fight from Jammeh’s loyalist in the armed forces.

President Yahya Jammeh is facing growing resistance from within The Gambia, including in the civil service to allow a peaceful transition and smooth transfer of power.

Businesses are already reporting souring profits and economists say his continuous attempt to prolong his stay will have adverse consequences on the country’s already battered economy.

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