Barrow commissions think tank to help Gambia navigate

Barrow commissions think tank to help Gambia navigate

Gambia’s President-elect Adama Barrow has already commissioned the establishment of an expert working group to prepare a development blueprint that will succeed policies and programs of the outgoing APRC government.

In a joint New Year and Christmas message to Gambians released late Sunday, the president-elect said the working group will comprise of seven experts in the areas of politics, economics, environment and others.

“To ensure that the country realizes its full potential when I assume office, I have already Commissioned the establishment of a Think Tank, namely, Agency For Sustainable Socio-Economic Development (ASSED), comprising a nucleus of seven experts in Political, Civil, Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental domains to coordinate the mobilization of experts who would prepare the developmental blueprint that would replace the developmental blueprint of the Outgoing Government, PAGE,” Barrow said.

A top aide to the president-elect is expected to lead the tink tank and will be charged with the responsibility of inviting Gambian experts to establish the expert bank that will give birth to sectoral blueprints of the coalition government’s three-year development agenda.

Barrow’s administration will focus its development agenda on poverty eradication and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development. Experts are expected to present their development roadmap to the coalition’s shadow cabinet on January 14.

Gambians have gone to polls on December 1 and country’s Independent Electoral Commission has declared Adama Barrow the winner.

However, a week after conceding defeat, President Yahya Jammeh has announced he has annulled the results because of some “unacceptable” anomalies and ordered for fresh elections.

Since then there were no communications between his outgoing government, as declared by the IEC, and the incoming government which Halifa Sallah, the spokesperson for the coalition, said has affected the transition.

However, Barrow said in the New Year message that their shadow cabinet will be formed so that the government will hit the ground running after my inauguration on January, 19.

The regional economic bloc, ECOWAS, which is mediating the crisis has sent a delegation to the country about two weeks ago but they could not broker a deal.

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