Gambian migrants brawl with Moroccans in Germany

Gambian migrants brawl with Moroccans in Germany

Inside a refugee camp in Sigmaringen, Germany, West African migrants from The Gambia and Morroco went into a free-for-all fight, sending one person to the hospital.

Two Moroccans, 20 and 26, were detained briefly by Deutch authorities but later released.

The Gambians claimed they felt provoked by Moroccans who were constantly drunk and trying to start fights.

Germany has accepted more than one million migrants and Angela Merkel faces a backlash from her country. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy has been blamed by right-wing activists for the attacks on the European nation.

This month, an Islamist terrorist, who was an asylum seeker, killed 12 shoppers at a Christmas market in Berlin.

The nationality of the migrant taken to the hospital is unknown but authorities say he has psychological problems.

The Gambia produces the most arrival of migrants into Europe through the Mediterranean by per capita. The country’s President Yahya Jammeh is married to a Moroccan, Zineb Jammeh, who has been accused by Gambians of spending millions on shopping sprees in malls in America and Europe.

Poverty meandered with President Jammeh’s repressive rule is forcing a lot of Gambians to journey perilously to Europe.

Jammeh has been defeated in the polls in December and refusing to step down. Many youths voted for the opposition in hopes that the economic situation in the country will change, but Jammeh’s refusal to step down is making them turn to the “back way” migration again.

(Writing by Sam Phatey; Reporting by Express UK; Editing by Sainey MK Marenah)

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