Reason for occupying Election House is one big fat lie

Reason for occupying Election House is one big fat lie

The Gambia’s government cited a threat that the electoral commission office was going to be “burnt down” by arsonist as the reason for their illegal occupation of the building.

Such illogical statement says one thing: it is a one big fat lie. Even a five-year-old kid knows it is one big fat lie.

The government failed to mention who made the threat “now that the threat has been abated” and staffers can return to work. You cannot abate a threat if you do not know where it is coming from. Simple, since you have left the building and do not know the who issued it, it can still be attacked.

Who is going to set the IEC ablaze anyway?

Definitely not the opposition supporters. I know happy people set places ablaze and paint the town red. Yes, literarily. What I have never seen is those happy with the outcome of an election setting an election house ablaze, contextually. It has illogical as accusing the opposition of rigging the polls in a dictatorship.

President Yahya Jammeh suffered a surprise defeat in the hands of Adama Barrow in the December 1 presidential election. He first accepted defeat and then rejected the outcome of the election a week later. He has since accused the electoral commission of rigging the polls and running a sham election.

The IEC building was occupied the day West African leaders arrived in Banjul to hold talks with Jammeh, the opposition, and the electoral commission. They agreed: Jammeh must step down and hand over power peacefully or have him militarily extinguished.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon even called the occupation of the electoral commission office “an outrageous act of disrespect” and called on the loyal Jammeh forces to vacate the building.

President Yahya Jammeh has legally challenged the outcome of the elections. He wants to be declared the winner or the polls have to be nullified and a fresh election held.

IEC Chief Alieu Momar Njai has to be served to have Jammeh’s election petition in the Supreme Court heard. He cannot be served in his home. It is, therefore, important for him to be in his office.

The Gambia’s military must also explain if sensitive electoral materials were tampered with. Ballot boxes are sealed for 30 days at the electoral commission office in case a recount is requested.

Anyway, it was President Yahya Jammeh that lost the elections, complained that IEC was fraudulent, unconstitutionally annulled the results, accused the electoral commission of sending away 25,000 voters who were supposedly his supporters whiles the opposition were praising the commission.

So who was the “imminent threat” that was going to burn down the IEC office? I guess you know the culprit: Yahya Jammeh and the APRC. There is no other explanation for this. He has testified against himself. In all, it just reminded of another fat lie: the so-called accident in which the killed former intelligence chief Daba Marena escaped.

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