Yahya Jammeh, you are defending yourself not Gambia

Yahya Jammeh, you are defending yourself not Gambia

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh still has an idiosyncratic belief that he still can go on national television and assert authority. The election in which he is defeated has changed everything. Jammeh is no more in control and every time he speaks, he comes out incoherent and just comical.

Unlike his past messages were Jammeh will highlight his handful of development projects, Jammeh’s new year message was more of a drowning man holding onto a stick in a pool of hungry alligators. Well, the man will die anyway because he either drown because the stick cannot hold him afloat or the gators will have him for supper.

That is the case of Jammeh trying to remain, president after Gambians decided not renew his mandate.

Jammeh’s refusal to leave power has invoked an ECOWAS resolution to militarily extinguish the pest from the fur of West Africa. At least he has an option to go peacefully but he is choosing a showdown.

“Let me make very clear, we are ready to defend this country against any aggression, and there will be no compromise for this,” Jammeh said, adding that if ECOWAS did not back down “the impasse will continue with the risk of escalation into a military confrontation.”

Defend which country I ask? If Jammeh wants to defend The Gambia, he will step down and respect the will of the people.

Jammeh is defending himself, the billions in assets he stole and his interest, not the country and Gambians.

It is immaterial for Jammeh to sit on national television thinking that he can address the people “as a patriotic citizen” who is the one that loves the country the most and convince the uneducated masses to rally behind him.

Gambians are awake and Jammeh is distasteful to them.

Gone are the days when the opposition was seen as the unpatriotic troublemakers who wanted to start a war. Every day that Jammeh comes on television and goes on another episode of Friday After Next Next, playing a new Michael Blackson on steroids, Gambians find it comical and regard him the unpatriotic troublemaker who wants to start a war.

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