Gambia’s former House Speaker tells Jammeh to step down, avoid conflict

Gambia’s former House Speaker tells Jammeh to step down, avoid conflict

Although the same could not be said of his rule, when President Yahya Jammeh came to power, it was bloodless and now his ally and former House Speaker Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay prays to the outgoing president that his exit is the same.

Jahumpa Ceesay has urged President Jammeh to step down and avoid plunging the country into a conflict that will “kill women and children,” by putting the country first and prove otherwise that the Gambia is a democratic nation.

“…..on behalf of these vulnerable groups, please Sir do all that is in your God-given powers to avert violent conflict, such as those that have claimed the lives of thousands of women and children in our sub-region in the last three decades and destroyed their future prospects,” she wrote to Mr. Jammeh.

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh is refusing to step down after initially accepting defeat. He has called for new polls and new mediators accusing ECOWAS of being bias.

Jammeh’s refusal to step down has opened up the possibility of a military intervention by West African forces after the ECOWAS body said it was putting military forces on alert. Jammeh called that a “declaration of war.”

Jahumpa Ceesay, who campaigned for Jammeh says the election was free and fair and urged Jammeh to work with ECOWAS and the international community to have a peaceful transfer of power.

Jahumpa Ceesay is an election observer for the African Union and had observed polls in several African nations including in Uganda.

Jahumpa Ceesay’s father is one of the founding fathers of The Gambia. She had served as President Jammeh’s press secretary, Deputy Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, President of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

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