Barrow demands NIA director to check his institution

Barrow demands NIA director to check his institution

The Director General of National Intelligence Agency, Yankuba Badjie is being requested to review the reports of the recent arrests and ensure due process to improve the image of his institution during this transition process by the country’s incoming President Adama Barrow.

A wave of arrest and detentions at the start of the new year has been blamed on the spy agency. At least three supporters of a campaign pressuring President Yahya Jammeh to hand over power to Barrow were arbitrarily arrested.

It has caused the fleeing of a handful of the #GambiaHasDecided campaign leaders.

Gambia’s electoral commission chair has also fled the country after receiving death threats over the presidential victory of Adama Barrow. Alieu Momar Njai disappearance follows the closure of three radio stations by the National Intelligence Agency.

Agents of the NIA went to the radio stations and forced them off air.

The NIA has been responsible for the arbitrary arrest and detention of countless people, including journalists, civil servants, students, and LGBT people, said Human Rights Watch.

Those detained for political reasons, including those perceived to support the opposition, who criticize the president or who highlight the current administration’s policy failures, and those implicated in coup attempts, are often subjected to torture or other ill-treatment, frequently carried out by the Jungulers, a special paramilitary force only answerable to Mr. Jammeh.

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