Gambia: UNDP urged to host meeting with political parties, security chiefs

Gambia: UNDP urged to host meeting with political parties, security chiefs

The Gambia’s President-elect sent a notice to the UNDP representative in the West African nation to host an inter-party committee meeting of political parties and security chief to ease rising political tensions.

“The Office of the incoming president calls on the UNDP to host a meeting of the Inter-Party Committee in the face of the crisis surrounding the IEC and the Security Chiefs to discuss and address the post-electoral challenges so that tensions could be effaced and peaceful co-existence assured until a peaceful transfer of power could be effected,” said coalition spokesperson Mr. Halifa Sallah.

An inter-party committee exist to mediate and resolve political disputes peacefully, especially as a mechanism for solving post-electoral challenges.

The opposition coalition that won last month’s presidential polls says it is open to dialogue and does not wish for military intervention to occur to enforce the wish of electorates.

President Yahya Jammeh is carrying out a new barrage of crackdowns on dissidents and journalists. Two radio stations remain close and a handful of pro-democracy campaigners were arrested.

“Openness and dialogue are the traits that Gambia needs at the moment and not media closures and arbitrary arrests and detentions,” Sallah said while condemning recent crackdowns.

Opposition activists say they have grown beyond intimidation and “would not allow Jammeh to continue bullying” or force them to live in captivity and fear.

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