Jammeh: a misanthrope who lost more than an election

Jammeh: a misanthrope who lost more than an election

President Yahya Jammeh lost more than an election. The Gambian strongman is fleeing dejected, dehumanized and betrayed. In the midst of Jammeh losing power, he has been left to fend for himself by those he trust the most.

At such a time, Jammeh hoped they would remember the favors he did for them and standby him. That happened not to be the case. From the so-called religious leaders to senior members of his government, business partners to even criminal allies.

In the run-up to the polls, Jammeh’s party lost a parliamentary seat. Losing that seat meant they also lost the nomination fee. Jammeh’s party in itself is broke and uses tax payers’ money to fund its campaigns. It was however not enough to keep him office this time.

Jammeh’s parliament in an attempt to bankrupt and discourage the opposition passed a law for the electoral commission to keep nomination fee’s for presidential candidates who have less than 40% of the votes.

In last month’s election, Jammeh got 36.7% of the votes. So only Adama Barrow will win be getting his GMD1 million (US$25,000) refunded.

Jammeh found out, his mechanism to create a one party state backfired and instead created a united opposition. Whoever advised him to pass and support such a bill, and accept on the spot counting led Jammeh to his own downfall.

The opposition combined their resources and filed a single independent candidate.

For the international community, Jammeh has been a pest. After 22 years in power, Jammeh was politically isolated, only flexing muscles in Gambia. Although he hosted the African Union summit in Banjul in 2006, Jammeh never in his reign became chair of the union. In several bids, Jammeh failed to secure the chairmanship of the regional economic ECOWAS bloc.

Instead, Jammeh saw newcomers like John Mahama, Macky Sall and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf taking turns.

Now Jammeh is a misanthrope who wants to take down The Gambia when he going to be buried “six feets down” as he threatens his opponents. Gambians, however, are not budging and not allowing Jammeh to lead the country astray anymore.

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