Jammeh fires Gambia’s ambassador to Senegal

Jammeh fires Gambia’s ambassador to Senegal

President Yahya Jammeh has fired the country’s Ambassador to Senegal, Pa Momodou Njie, after he urged Mr. Jammeh to accept defeat and step down.

Njie, a former Imam at the Pipeline Mosque is the third ambassador to be recalled and among a dozen envoys that have called on the defeated president to allow a peaceful transfer of power to the internationally recognized and locally backed President-elect Adama Barrow.

President Yahya Jammeh last month recalled the country’s envoy to the UN Momodou Tangara and his ambassador to the U.S. Sheikh Omar Faye.

President Yahya Jammeh who initially accepted defeat is now refusing to step aside claiming the polls were rigged in an election he called “rig-proof and fraud-proof.”

Efforts by West African leaders for him to exit peacefully failed and Ecowas now says a military intervention has been authorized.

Tensions between The Gambia and Senegal is rising. Senegal is expected to lead the regional standby force that would enforce the election results, restore the wish of the people and return The Gambia to constitutional rule.

Jammeh has filed a petition in court amid a crackdown on opponents and pro-democracy campaigners. A handful of people have since fled the country including the chair of the electoral commission.

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