APRC deny so-called plan to spark violence

APRC deny so-called plan to spark violence

The Gambia’s defeated ruling APRC has denied reports that it was planning to turn a peaceful gathering of its supporters at the Supreme Court violent by distributing pro-coalition t-shirts outside the court.

Opposition supporters in the diaspora said they had received intelligence that on Tuesday, Adama Barrow t-shirts will be given to the green boys and girls, youth supporters of President Yahya Jammeh, to spark violence within the crowd.

“This is to deceive the international community and Gambians at large to think that it is the coalition causing the unrest,” they said.

APRC officials say the alert sent out on social media accusing them of planning to cause violence “is false and a blatant lie fabricated to tarnish the image of the party.”

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh who was defeated in last month’s polls initially conceded defeat to Mr. Barrow but reversed his position a week later causing a political standoff that is quickly escalating.

Jammeh has vowed not to hand over power until the Supreme Court makes a ruling on his petition. President-elect Adama Barrow has threatened to swear himself in and declare Jammeh a rebel.

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