Gambia’s information minister resigns, flees the country

Gambia’s information minister resigns, flees the country

President Yahya Jammeh’s Information Minister Sheriff Bojang has jumped shipped and fled the West African nation. Bojang resigned Monday and went into hiding in neighboring Senegal.

Bojang, the proprietor of the local Standard Newspaper is expected to give a statement surrounding details of his resignation and reasons he went into hiding.

The Standard Newspaper has been closed severally for reporting stories that are unfavorable to Jammeh’s government. Notable of the closures was in 2012 after it published an interview with liberal Imam Baba Leigh condemning the killings of nine inmates by Gambian authorities.

At least four radio station have been ordered to close since the start of the new year amid worsening political situation in the country. Jammeh is clamping down on political opponents and grassroots campaigners who are pressuring him to step down.

Bojang has come under fire from activists for not being forthcoming about the torture death of an opposition activist Solo Sandeng and for defending President Yahya Jammeh’s arrest of opposition protesters, including opposition leader Ousainou Darboe.

President Yahya Jammeh has until January 18 to step down as he watches his government fall apart. At least a dozen Gambian diplomats have also urged him to step down and allow a peaceful transfer of power.

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