President Yahya Jammeh abandoned by his youth minister

President Yahya Jammeh abandoned by his youth minister

President Yahya Jammeh’s Minister of Youths and Sports Alieu K. Jammeh has resigned from the government, a senior State House official said.

Mr. Alieu Jammeh (no relations to President Jammeh) is the third cabinet member of Jammeh’s administration to resign in protest of longtime strongman’s refusal to relinquish power and allow a peaceful transfer of executive power.

Jammeh’s Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister Sulayman Samba was the first to resign. His Information Minister Sheriff Bojang also resigned and fled the country on Monday and has urged his fellow cabinet members to “look into their conscience and take the right decision” and resign from Jammeh’s government.

President Yahya Jammeh has named new information and youth ministers. The embattled president facing strong local resistance has appointed his spokesperson and parliamentarian Seedy SK Njie as information minister and Johnny Gomez as youth minister.

Jammeh’s term expires next week. Rights groups and West African leaders expressed concerns about the deteriorating situation in the Gambia. Several grassroots campaigners were arrested and a handful of their leaders forced into exile.

The country’s electoral commissioner has fled to safety and licenses for at least four radio stations revoked.

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