Jammeh accuses former youth minister of corrupt practices

Jammeh accuses former youth minister of corrupt practices

President Yahya Jammeh is accusing the former Youth Minister Alieu K. Jammeh of incompetence and corrupt practices, whom he said “organized fake training programs.”

Programs that were meant to help empower the youths, according to Mr. Jammeh, all ended up in organizing workshops and fake training programs.

“We want to see programs and projects that empower youths of this country. We want to see at the end any project the participants of that project are able to stand on their own and become productive citizens of this country,” said President Jammeh.

Mr. Alieu Jammeh (no relations to President Jammeh) resigned from the cabinet in protest of Jammeh’s refusal to step down. He has been one of President Yahya Jammeh’s longest serving youths and sports ministers.

President Yahya Jammeh is facing strong local resistance for refusing to step down. He has ruled with an iron first for the past 22 years, has tried to remain in power by contesting the results of the nation’s presidential poll before the Supreme Court, after initially conceding defeat in December.

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