Gambia’s President Jammeh is not ready to be a farmer

President Yahya Jammeh is more than eccentric and one can argue whether or not, this longtime African ruler has any respect for the people in whose hands his presidency lies. He often asks if Gambian citizens are mad and say if they are, he would go be a farmer.

He refuses to campaign claiming he has delivered more development than the British were able to deliver in 400 years. The British ruled The Gambia for 71 years.

When asked about his popularity dwindling and the possibility of losing an election, Donald Trump borrowed one one thing from him: “Do I look like a loser? There is no way I can lose…. I never lose.”

“Do I look like a loser? There is no way I can lose unless you tell me that all Gambian people are mad. But if the Gambian people say they don’t want me, I will go home, I’ll be a farmer,” Jammeh said.

Well, the Gambian people have gone mad. Let’s say bunkers.

Last month, they voted for Adama Barrow, a political novice, and a little-known real estate developer, who is backed by seven opposition groups and an independent candidate.

Jammeh suffered a shocking defeat and with a Trump win in America seen a slap in the face of democracy, the world was surprised that The Gambia gave democracy hope by voting out a tyrant and not resorting to violence.

That was the feeling when President Yahya Jammeh picked up his phone and called Barrow to congratulate him. Jammeh told the President-elect he would be retiring to his farm as the farmer-in-chief.

But suddenly, Jammeh has a second thought on the whole farming issue. He does not want to be a farmer anymore. He does not want to go back to the land. He does not want to grow what he eats and eat what he grows. He is refusing to step down and hand over power to Mr. Barrow.

Jammeh would not have as much help as he used to have from soldiers who toiled on his farm and from laboring well-wishers from across the country. He will be alone to scorch the baked earth from dawn to dusk.

In anyway, Mr. Jammeh has until next week, January 18 to decide either to become a rebel-in-chief or a farmer-in-chief. For people of The Gambia, #GambiaHasDecided already and Adama Barrow will be sworn in on January 19.

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