Supreme Islamic Council president banned from the State House

Supreme Islamic Council president banned from the State House

The president of the Supreme Islamic Council, Mommodou Lamin Touray has been banned from the State House, and his vehicle impounded after he was relieved of his duties as Imam of the presidential palace mosque by President Yahya Jammeh.

Touray, who had backed President Yahya Jammeh during his 22-year iron fist rule was among a group of elite clerics who urged the Gambian leader to step down and recognized President-elect Adama Barrow.

Jammeh lost elections to Barrow and conceded defeat only to repudiate his own words a week later calling for fresh polls.

Gunjur born and Saudi-trained cleric, Mommodou Lamin Touray, had been perceived as subservient to political machinations of Yahya Jammeh who is accused of widespread human rights violations. He justified the 2009 execution of nine inmates by Mr. Jammeh as Islamic and supported his declaration of The Gambia as an Islamic state.

Touray’s Supreme Islamic Council conferred the title of “Nasirudeen” on Jammeh. Jammeh later dropped it from his name.

(Reporting and Writing by Sainey Darboe; Additional Writing by Sam Phatey)

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