Bensouda: Injunction filed by Jammeh ‘unconstitutional’

A senior member of the Gambia Bar Association says the seeking of the Gambia’s president’s party to block the inauguration of his rival President-elect Adama Barrow is unconstitutional.

Aziz Bensouda, the secretary general of the Gambia Bar Association, said the injunction filed by outgoing President Yahya Jammeh’s lawyer to prohibit the participation of the judiciary, civil service and the international community in Mr. Barrow’s inauguration is unconstitutional.

“The inauguration of the president-elect should be held when Jammeh’s term officially ends. The court does not have any mandate to put an inauguration on hold,” he said.

The Supreme Court was unable to hear Jammeh’s election petition on Tuesday and urged the parties to embrace the ECOWAS offer to end the political crisis ignited by Jammeh’s refusal to leave.

Barrow is confident he will be inaugurated next week.

It may be the flashpoint for the Gambia to descend into a conflict and the U.S, has warned its citizens against travel to The Gambia. The North American nation evacuated families of its embassy staff

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