Gambia’s president-elect’s young son dies

Gambia’s president-elect’s young son dies

Tragedy has befallen President-elect Adama Barrow’s family and the people of The Gambia after his son, Habibou Barrow, aged 8 died Monday.

Habibou Barrow died in a dog attack, sources close to the president-elect said.

Burial is due to take place this afternoon in a suburb outside the capital, Banjul where the president-elect lives.

President-elect Barrow unexpectedly traveled out of the country last week to Bamako, Mali where he took part in a meeting with leaders from more than 30 countries. He is currently in Dakar at the request of West African leaders who urged him to stay in Senegal until his inauguration on Friday.

Habibou Barrow’s death has left many Gambians heartbroken, who are mourning the 8-year-old as messages of condolences pour in.

The young Barrow’s death ahead of his father’s inauguration has shocked the president-elect and his wife, Sarjo Barrow as much as it did the country.

President-elect Barrow rose to popularity a month before the polls after the jailing of opposition leader Ousainou Darboe. Just weeks before the official campaign started, it was announced he would be running as an independent candidate for an opposition coalition.

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