Nigeria sends its newest warship to Gambia

Nigeria sends its newest warship to Gambia

Nigerian warship NNS Unity is sailing to Gambia ahead of the ECOWAS military intervention to flush out President Yahya Jammeh and install Adama Barrow, the winner of the country’s last month’s elections.

The vessel left the port of Lagos and currently off the coast of Ghana.

Senegal will be leading ground troops across its northern and southern borders into the Gambia.

President Yahya Jammeh has until Thursday to step aside peacefully or be forced to do so by the regional force.

The Gambia’s military of about 2,500 personnel is deeply divided. President Jammeh is relying heavily on his Republican National Guard, which includes his elite presidential guard and special forces to support him.

Liberia’s President and ECOWAS Chair Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said the position of the regional body has not changed. She insisted that Mr. Jammeh must respect the constitution of The Gambia.

Gambia’s President-elect Adama Barrow is currently in Senegal and will be accompanied to Gambia to be sworn-in by the West African troops.

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