Gambia’s parliament extends Jammeh’s presidency

Gambia’s parliament extends Jammeh’s presidency

Gambia’s parliament voted to extend troubled President Yahya Jammeh’s presidency by 90 days ahead of the inauguration of his opposition rival, Adama Barrow, who won last month’s elections.

President-elect Barrow has vowed to take office on Thursday and declare Jammeh a rebel if he refuses to step down and cede power.

“Our future starts tomorrow,” said Mr. Barrow, who is currently in neighboring Senegal’s capital, Dakar, at the request of his West African colleagues.

West African leaders threatened to use force to install Barrow and a warship from Nigeria is heading to the small nation ahead of the deployment of ECOWAS troops.

Jammeh has declared a three-month state of emergency. Thousands of Gambians fled the country fearing violence.

Jammeh is refusing to relinquish power after initially accepting defeat because “there were irregularities in the election process, including the turning away of some of his supporters from polling stations, and errors made by the electoral commission.”

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