Gambia Army Chief Ousmane Badj arrivse for a meeting with Ecowas delegation in Banjul. (AP/ Sylvain Cherkaoui)

Gambia’s army chief recognizes Barrow as his commander-in-chief

Gambia’s military chief Lt. Gen. Ousman Bargie said Friday he recognizes the internationally backed President Adama Barrow as the country’s new leader and his commander-in-chief.

West African troops are poised to take over the capital as the new deadline for former President Yahya Jammeh to cede power elapsed.

Bargie said earlier this week that he will not involve his men in a ‘stupid’ fight, calling the turmoil in the country “a political problem.”

The military general pledge allegiance to Mr. Barrow when he won the elections last month but reversed the decision when President Yahya Jammeh went back on his words to concede defeat.

Just like when the election results were announced, Mr. Bargie was seen celebrating with hundreds of Gambians at the Westfield Square after the swearing-in of President Barrow.

Barrow has been in Dakar, Senegal where he was sworn-in at the country’s embassy.

He has ordered for all security chiefs to pledge their loyalty to him and the country and ordered all soldiers to return to the barracks.

Another military general who heads guards at President Yahya Jammeh’s home in Kanilai assured of continued peace.

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