Security chiefs urge citizens, business owners to return

Security chiefs urge citizens, business owners to return

Gambia’s security chiefs, including the head of the military, are urging citizens and business owners who fled the country to return and resume normal lives.

Gambia’s military chief assured there will be no war in the West African nation where West African leaders are still pushing for former President Yahya Jammeh to cede power peacefully.

More than 45,000 Gambians have fled the country sparking a humanitarian crisis at the border with Senegal.

UN have sent more than 40 tons of food aid for distribution.

Army Chief Lt. Gen. Ousman Bargie said his men would not fight the ECOMIG forces that have been authorized by President Adama Barrow to depose Jammeh.

Bargie had recognized Bargie as his commander-in-chief on Friday.

“We are going to welcome them [ECOWAS forces] with flowers and make them a cup of tea. They will put their weapons there and we’ll all enjoy the smiling coast,” Bargie said. “This is a political problem. It’s a misunderstanding. We are not going to fight Nigerian, Togolese or any military that comes.”

Jammeh is under pressure to leave power. A deadline came and went, with no movement. Jammeh made new demands during the talks, but the incoming president and ECOWAS remained firm that he must depart power.

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