Gambia: ECOWAS forces are taking over security

Gambia: ECOWAS forces are taking over security

As the political stalemate comes to end in the Gambia, West African troops will be taking over security and the military is urged to cooperate.

Former President Yahya Jammeh acceptance to cede power prevented a military showdown in the country that he ruled with an iron-fist for 22 years.

Jammeh had a strong influence over the military, which has backed him and help thwart at least a dozen coups to oust him, the latest of which was in December 2014.

ECOWAS force will protect the new President Adama Barrow until the volatility in the country is stabilize and will be working together with Gambian troops to ensure security.

Government Spokesperson Halifa Sallah said Sunday although the West African forces are taking over security, there is no threat of conflict.

Gambia’s military chief had pledged to work together with ECOWAS forces when they arrive in the Gambia, assuring that not a single shot will be fired to end the political standoff.

President Adama Barrow is in neighboring Senegal waiting for an all clear from ECOWAS military generals to return to Banjul to take over power.

ECOWAS forces are disarming Gambian troops, some of whom are still loyal to their former ruler and implicated in his human rights abuses.

Jammeh’s exile clears the way for Gambia’s first peaceful and democratic transfer of power since the nation gained independence in 1965. Jammeh became the leader of the West African nation 22 years ago after staging a coup, and had vowed he would rule for “a billion years.”

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