President Barrow rejected the Jammehxit deal

President Barrow rejected the Jammehxit deal

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow rejected ‘outright’ an agreement brokered by two West African leaders for President Yahya Jammeh to leave.

“There was no deal signed. What is being circulated was a draft jointly prepared by Guinea Conakry and Mauritania,” said Mai Ahmad Fatty, an aide to the president “President Barrow received the said draft this afternoon and he rejected it outright.”

Barrow threatened to resume the military offensive to enforce his mandate and to have Mr. Jammeh arrested forcing the strongman to return back to the airport and board the waiting plane.

A draft agreement proposed by the leaders of Guinea, President Alpha Conde and Mauritania, President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz seeks to prevent the prosecution of Jammeh’s officials, freezing of his assets, prevent the disbanding of certain security apparatuses, prevent Jammeh’s extradition to Gambia, halt ECOWAS military operations and guarantee Jammeh’s return and participation in elections.

ECOWAS President Marcel de Souza and Qatari Envoy met with Barrow for consultations over the matter.

Regional leaders say Jammeh will travel to Guinea, where he owns a home and from there will travel on to exile in Equatorial Guinea.

Mr. Souza said the ECOMIG military push has now ended since Mr. Jammeh left to exile, but some of its troops would remain to ensure security.

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