Heavy weapons missing from the State House arsenal

Heavy weapons missing from the State House arsenal

Heavy weapons were taken out the Gambia’s presidential compound ahead of the departure of former ruler Yahya Jammeh. The weapons are now nowhere to be found. ECOWAS forces are conducting a search.

The regional forces have disarmed Gambian soldiers ahead of tomorrow’s arrival of President Adama Barrow. The State House, which is the official residence of the president and seat of the government has been secured.

ECOWAS troops and Gambian soldiers are cooperating to stabilize the situation in the country and have started patrolling together.

Presidential guard commander Lt. Gen. Ansumana Tamba has fled to Equatorial Guinea with Jammeh.

Coalition Chair Fatoumata Tambajang had warned last month that Jammeh had plans to start a rebellion, stashing weapons in his home village, Kanilai, close to the border with Casamance, southern Senegal.

President Yahya Jammeh with the backing of his presidential guard soldiers had a strong grip of the Gambia. A special parliamentary unit within the presidential guard has often been accused of taking part in tortures and killings.

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