Minority leader reveals why APRC parliamentarians extended Jammeh’s mandate

The fight over extending former President Yahya Jammeh’s mandate may be over but the search for the truth behind it may have just kicked off.

The minority leader of the Gambia’s parliament, Samba Jallow (NRP – Niamina Dankunku) says APRC MPs were concerned about losing their gratuity of about half a million dalasis (US$12,500) when their term ends in April.

Citizens are already revolting against their former representatives for authorizing a state of emergency to help Mr. Jammeh regain control.

The lawmakers made their gratuity an enormous priority than upholding the will of the Gambian people.

APRC lawmakers know they will not get re-elected when parliamentary polls are held this spring. They are being accused of aiding the longtime dictator and doing his bidding to rule the Gambia with an iron fist.

Parliament is expected to reverse the state of emergency and extension of Jammeh’s mandate on Monday.

Jammeh fled to exile on Saturday with at least 50 others including his family.

His departure ended the political logjam in the country that was sparked by his refusal to cede power.

Jammeh suffered defeat in the hands of businessman Adama Barrow. Barrow is holed up in Senegal awaiting security clearance to return to Banjul to take over power. He was sworn in last week at the Gambia’s embassy in Dakar.

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