ARPC parliamentarians accuse Senegal of attempting to destabilize Gambia

ARPC parliamentarians accuse Senegal of attempting to destabilize Gambia

APRC members in the Gambia’s parliament are accusing neighboring Senegal of attempting to destabilize the Gambia by pushing for a military intervention to enforce the outcome of the presidential election.

The lawmakers who authorized a state of emergency and extended former President Yahya Jammeh’s expired mandate before he fled to exile are expected to reverse their vote on Monday.

They are concerned about losing their seats and gratuity, and a National Assembly source said that although they will be reversing the decision, some may still be using the foreign troop propaganda in hopes to get re-elected.

APRC Organizing Secretary Mayor Yankuba Colley hinted the former ruling party will not be disbanded and would contest the parliamentary and local government elections.

Gambians welcomed the ECOWAS forces with cheers into the capital. They have taken their positions in Banjul and secured the State House ahead of President Adama Barrow’s arrival.

Gambia’s soldiers were disarmed by the regional forces who the army chief said they would be cooperating with to stabilize the situation.

President Yahya Jammeh has been backed by his parliament throughout his 22-year rule. Parliament has passed draconian laws to help strengthen Jammeh’s grip on power.

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