Stolen State House weapons may be in Kanilai or given to rebel fighters

Stolen State House weapons may be in Kanilai or given to rebel fighters

An ECOWAS military general said they found only rifles at the armory in the Gambia’s presidential compound and could be used to stage a ‘sinister plan’ by former President Yahya Jammeh.

The regional military chief in Gambia warned the heavy weapons may be hidden in Kanilai, Jammeh’s home village or possibly given to separatist fighters in southern Senegal’s Casamance region and hired mercenaries.

“We don’t know for what – but they may have taken them to Kanilai – Jammeh’s home town – for future sinister use or to give to the MFDC rebels in Senegal’s Casamance or other rebels,” the general said.

Regional forces are now tracing the location for the cache of weapons before the slip into wrong hands.

“We are searching,” he said.

President Yahya Jammeh had been said to have hired mercenaries who fought for former Liberian leader Charles Taylor and Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo.

Gambia’s Vice President pick, Fatoumata Tambajang had warned last month that Jammeh was stashing weapons in Kanilai and Senegalese authorities had been put on alert about their possible transfer across the border.

Jammeh had gone into exile with several military generals who are most loyal to him. Fear still remain that the former dictator can still launch a bid to return to power ‘by any means necessary.’

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