Adama Barrow must not forget his big promises

Adama Barrow must not forget his big promises

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow won elections on some big promise for reform the constitution and respect for the rule of law. His first cabinet appointment, however, has faced a constitutional crisis and he is likely to rescind it.

Barrow is making big on some his promises even before taking power. Political prisoners are already being released, including a former Imam and a deputy minister who joined their families.

“We must not forget the big promises Adama Barrow has made to free political prisoners, remove repressive laws, and bring Gambia back to the International Criminal Court,” said Sabrina Mahtani, Amnesty International’s West Africa Anglophone researcher.

Former President Yahya Jammeh made a unilateral decision to pull the Gambia from the Rome Statute calling it an “international caucasian court.”

Mr. Barrow has pledged to reverse such decisions and return the Gambia to the International Criminal Court and the Commonwealth.

Barrow is now setting up a vetting committee to make sure that all appointments are in compliance with the law.

West African troops have crossed the border into the Gambia as part of regional efforts to support Barrow. They have secured the capital and presidential palace ahead of his arrival this week.

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