Barrow sets up oversight committee to vet cabinet appointments

Barrow sets up oversight committee to vet cabinet appointments

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow is putting up a vetting committee to serve as an oversight advisory body to make sure that all his cabinet picks are in compliance with the laws.

Gambia’s law has requirements for cabinet picks but the National Assembly does not have oversight over to ensure their conformity with the laws.

Cabinet picks will submit several documents and undergo a fair amount of vetting with the new committee being set up.

Mr. Barrow may rescind his veep nomination after pro-democracy watchdogs identified that it was in breach of the constitution. An age restriction in the Gambia’s constitution bars anyone above the age of 65 from becoming president or vice president.

The president is temporarily holding back on announcing the remaining members of his cabinet until the oversight body he is setting up gives an all clear.

A spokesperson for the coalition government, Halifa Sallah said it is part of their plan to ensure that a parliamentary oversight body is set up under a new constitution to ensure that appointments to public offices are lawful.

Barrow said Tuesday that he would adhere to the rule of law, reassured citizens that he will continue to engage them and promised a transparent government.

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