CDS Bargie’s flip-flopping causing confusion

Gambia’s military Chief Lt. Gen. Ousman Bargie was visibly upset that he was not informed about the arrival of the ECOMIG troops in the Gambia, saying he’s been kept in the dark.

“Whatever they are doing I do not know. Even our neighbors coming in from other countries, I was not informed,” said Gen. Bargie. “I am in charge of this country. Whatever is coming to this country, I must be informed but they are keeping me in the dark.”

Bargie and former President Yahya Jammeh’s Chief of Staff Musa Jallow were the officials that welcomed the ECOMIG forces to Banjul at the gate of the presidential compound and said they troops “are not an invading force.”

Bargie pledged allegiance to President Adama Barrow when he won last month’s elections. He reversed the decision about former President Yahya Jammeh took a u-turn on conceding defeat.

In a new year’s letter to Mr. Jammeh, Bargie assured him of the military’s loyalty but was quick to say his men would not fight the regional force after they were authorized to enter the Gambia and arrest Mr. Jammeh.

A regional military general said Monday heavy cache of weapons were missing from the armory of the Gambia’s presidential guard unit. Military leaders are fearful that the weapons might be hidden in Kanilai, the home of former President Jammeh or given to rebel fighters.

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