Constiutional controversy surrounds President Barrow’s veep pick

Constiutional controversy surrounds President Barrow’s veep pick

President Adama Barrow’s announcement of his cabinet started with a constitutional controversy and watchdogs are calling for him to revoke the nomination of former UN official Fatoumata Tambajng as his vice presidential pick.

Age restrictions in Gambia’s constitution are barring Mrs. Tambajang from becoming the country’s vice president.

There is bipartisan support for her nomination to be rescinded and criticism towards the coalition, which has always insisted it will follow the rule of law, is gaining strength for the move.

Activists are voicing reservations for the vice presidential pick who will be 68 in October. The Gambia’s constitution, which was tailored by Jammeh to politically discriminate and alienate his rivals bars anyone above the age of 65 from becoming president and vice president.

Barrow campaigned on a big promise to enforce the rule of law and pro-democracy activists are holding him to it already.

Mrs. Tambajang was a major player to bring the eight opposition groups that formed the coalition to upset last month’s polls together. She chaired unity talks that formed the winning coalition.

By all accounts, Tambajang is smart, hard-working, and has a lot of experience in international and government relations.

The coalition government is yet to make a statement regarding the concerns expressed but activists insist the Gambian people did not vote on December 1 just to have the same status quo under Jammeh.

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