Darboe will not object to Jammeh’s trial at the ICC

Darboe will not object to Jammeh’s trial at the ICC

Gambia’s former main opposition leader during former President Yahya Jammeh’s rule said while he has forgiven the longstanding autocratic ruler, he would not object to him standing trial in The Hague.

President Yahya Jammeh who lost elections last month but refused to cede power until a regional military force was poised to flush him out fled to Equatorial Guinea.

The Central African nation is not a member of the International Criminal Court.

Jammeh attempted to pull the Gambia from the Rome Statute calling the body an “international caucasian court.”

“The withdrawal is warranted by the fact that the ICC, despite being called International Criminal Court, is, in fact, an International Caucasian Court for the persecution and humiliation of people of colour, especially Africans,” he said.

Opposition activists have written severally and submitted evidence files to the Gambian-born ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to open an investigation into alleged crimes against humanity carried out by the erstwhile leader.

Jammeh brutally suppressed opposition protests in April and May last year, killing at least two opposition activists and jailing dozens including Mr. Darboe.

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has vowed to reverse some of Jammeh’s controversial decisions and restore the Gambia’s members of the International Criminal Court and the Commonwealth of Nations.

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