ECOMIG military general mute on toxic powder threat

ECOMIG military general mute on toxic powder threat

The military chief leading regional troops to stabilize the situation in the West African nation of the Gambia has declined to comment on the threat of poisoned power being stuff in the air conditioning system at the presidential compound, The State House.

Sources said the ECOMIG troops that carried out a security sweep of the State House found the air condition units stuffed with powder that may pose a threat to President Adama Barrow’s life.

ECOMIG military general Francis Ndiaye decline to confirm if it is a poison that poses a serious threat to the president and aides that would be working there.

President Adama Barrow is to return to Banjul on Thursday to take over power. There is no say if he would be going to the State House upon arrival.

Barrow had been holed up in Dakar where he waited for an all clear from the ECOMIG military command to return to the island capital.

Former President Yahya Jammeh was forced into exile by the regional force who were poised to take over the capital after a new deadline expired. Jammeh has been accused of torturing, killing and arbitrarily detaining opponents, activists and journalists.

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