Gambia: Abuse of office charge against former president’s son dropped

Abuse of office charges against former President Sir Dawda Jawara’s son, Ebrima Jawara has been dropped by state prosecutors.

Mr. Jawara was arrested severally by Gambian authorities on economic and abuse of office charges after being expelled as former President Yahya Jammeh’s permanent secretary.

He appointed a police officer into a monitoring committee without the approval of the country’s police chief, court documents say.

Jawara was one time the powerful agriculture department leader coordinating at least donor funded projects. At least a dozen agriculture staffers that were held liable for graft blamed Mr. Jawara of framing them.

President Yahya Jammeh, who was defeated in last month’s elections and now in exile. ousted Jawara’s father in a coup that brought him to power.

Ebrima Jawara still has pending charges of causing malicious injury and economic crimes at the High Court, which are expected to be dropped.

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