Gambia’s Chief Justice resigns, leaves the country

Gambia’s Chief Justice Emmanuel Fagbenle has resigned last Friday a day before the departure of the country’s longstanding ruler Yahya Jammeh who lost elections but refused to step down

“Fagbele has resigned on Friday and left the country,” the judiciary secretary, Landing Sanneh said.

Fagbele is a Nigerian national who have came under serious criticisms by Gambians for reportedly aiding and abetting Jammeh on jailing his political opponents and perceived enemies.

He also came under sharp focus when Jammeh took a u-turn rejecting the election results he has accepted for a week and filed a petition at the Supreme Court where Fagbenle was serving as president.

The case did not go because he could not have the right amount of judges to constitute a panel since judges that were to come from Nigeria and Sierra Leone could not make it.

He then inevitably made it clear that he could not hear the case alone nor could he hear the injunction Jammeh filed to stop the inauguration of President Adama Barrow.

Couple of weeks ago, the Gambia Bar Association, a community of Gambian lawyers, have written to him an open letter demanding his resignation.

The Bar Association said the former chief justice have violated the codes of conduct of his office by openly manifesting support for former President Jammeh.

He was shown in a picture believed to be real in a green shirt bearing the picture of Jammeh. Green is the colour of the flag of Jammeh’s party.

Gambia’s President Barrow was sworn-in at the country’s embassy in neighboring Senegal where he was holed up over security concerns. He is expected to return to Banjul to take over power on Thursday.

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