Gambia’s vice presidential nominee cleared by vetting committee

Gambia’s vice presidential nominee cleared by vetting committee

The cabinet oversight committee has cleared the path for Fatoumata Tambajang to become the country’s vice president, according to reports.

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow’s choice of vice president narrowly won approval from the committee following a constitutional controversy over her age.

Tambajang’s appointment generated concerns from pro-democracy activists who said her appointment was in breach of a constitutional provision that restricted those over 65 years of age from becoming president and vice president.

Tambajang, a former health minister under erstwhile President Yahya Jammeh and adviser to former President Sir Dawda Jawara, was reported to be turning 68 in October.

She is believed to have presented the vetting committee with documents before clearing her for the top job.

President Barrow has put on hold the announcement of the remaining cabinet portfolios pending their confirmation by the vetting committee to ensure that all appointments are in conformity with the laws.

Mr. Barrow is expected to be in Banjul before the weekend to take over power. Regional troops have demobilized the Gambian military and secured the capital, Banjul ahead of his arrival.

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