Diaspora should know the constitution frowns on not just senior citizens

Diaspora should know the constitution frowns on not just senior citizens

Gambia’s constitution frowns on not just senior citizens but on those with dual citizenship. Those with citizenship other than that of the Gambia cannot hold senior government positions, including being ministers and security chiefs.

Although former President Yahya Jammeh has broken this rule many times, with the current policing of appointments by President Adama Barrow, some in the diaspora should be ready to be deeply disappointed.

Yup! Admitted or not, your hopes for a top job won’t be happening.

This is an issue that has been discussed quite a lot by Gambians fighting former President Yahya Jammeh’s regime. They actually saw the law as discriminative as age restriction clause.

Those that are really serious about taking up a job with the Gambia’s government will have to take their chances and denounce their other citizenship.

It is true that Arnold Schwarzenegger served as governor of California while holding Austrian as well as US citizenship. Other politicians in the USA and UK have served in office while simultaneously holding citizenship of other European and North American countries but they can never be appointed to certain security jobs and cabinet positions.

For Jammeh, a dual citizen cannot prove his sovereignty to more than one state. Although he is gone and most part of the 1997 constitution has been tailored to suit him, we will still have to respect it and deal with it until a new constitution comes along.

While it is certain that the age restriction will be axed out, one can never be certain if frowning on dual citizenship will even be relaxed.

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