Nigerian fighter jets accompany Barrow to Banjul

Nigerian fighter jets accompany Barrow to Banjul

Nigerian Alpha jets were flying low as President Adama Barrow’s plane landed at the Banjul International Airport on Thursday.

Barrow arrived in the country from neighboring Senegal where he was holed up.

Nigeria contributed more than 200 airmen to the ECOMIG forces that was poised to flush out former President Yahya Jammeh and enforce the outcome of the presidential elections in which Jammeh shockingly lost.

It is not the first time that the Nigerian fighter jets flew over the Gambia’s only airport. On January 19, they also flew at low altitudes over the airport, The State House, Denton Bridge and Kanilai.

Former President Yahya Jammeh shortly agreed to leave the country and avert a military push to have him arrested.

Security sources said although Jammeh is gone, there are still threats that exist. Barrow may not be running the country from the seat of the presidency, The State House for a while.

The ECOMIG troops mostly from Nigeria and Senegal have secured The State House and were on guard at the airport when Mr. Barrow arrived.

Barrow has appointed former military chief Masanneh Kinteh as his National Security Adviser, a move that has been received with mixed reactions.

Thousands of people came out drumming, singing and dancing to welcome Barrow. It is the beginning of a new era for many Gambians who are filled with the hopes that a New Gambian brings.

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