Skirmish at the airport ahead of Barrow’s arrival

Skirmish at the airport ahead of Barrow’s arrival

A small group of people tried to forcefully break through the security barricade at the Banjul International Airport, where President Adama Barrow is expected to arrive shortly.

The group pushed open a gate being secured by ECOMIG troops before other soldiers joined in to help push them back behind the barricade.

Tension nearly escalated but was quickly normalized by the regional forces.

It is the first peaceful transition in The Gambia after the political standoff in the country came to an end with former President Yahya Jammeh fleeing to exile.

Thousands of Gambians have gathered at the airport in Yundum to welcome their new leader, who was holed up in Senegal over security concerns. He was sworn-in at the Gambia’s embassy in Dakar before the regional forces entered the Gambia.

Barrow won last month’s elections defeating Jammeh. Barrow was backed by eight opposition groups leading to his victory. Jammeh had ruled the Gambia for 22 years with an iron fist and has been accused by rights defenders of brutally suppressing dissent.

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