Stop sexualizing our women, please!

Stop sexualizing our women, please!

Images cut to depict the wrong message. Even if true, women too have a choice. It is offensive to think otherwise. It is not a feminist thing or a #HeForShe campaign, it is just the common sense truth.

The fundamental rights of women have been disregarded for the most part and are treated as second-class citizens in their own nation.

It is disheartening that merely posing for a picture with a soldier from a different country is being sexually translated. It is insane to translate every action and reaction by a woman as sexual. They are more than sexual beings like we men take ourselves to be.

A warning for women not be involved with soldiers from neighboring nations, including Senegal, with which we share the same culture is beyond condescending. Then let me hear you tell them not to get involved with ‘toubabs.’ To most of you that will be throwing your fortune and chances to secure a visa to some industrialized nation in the trash.

A Gambian woman just like any other in the world has the right to fall in love and marry whoever she wants. It is a choice. If anyone of them chooses a soldier, who risked his life to secure the freedom and liberty that you the ‘moral police’ will be enjoying, then support them or forever remain silent.

If they want a hero and you know that, then you should have suited up like the ECOMIG troops and put your life on the line like they did and scare Jammeh out of town.

The Gambian women have lagged behind men for too long, and it explains why our development too. Instead of being progressive thinkers, we are busy cajoling and being wayward.

Gambian women have been marginalized from having power and influence. They even find it difficult to make simple decisions concerning their lives, health, and wellbeing.

We claim to have secured a New Gambia but our reaction to our women upon the arrival of ECOMIG forces show we are the opposition to a “New and Progressive Gambia” at all levels to ensure equality in sharing power and decision-making with women.

We should not proud of this! In fact, we should be ashamed of this and bury our heads in our hands.

We have accused Jammeh of not respecting the constitution, well it is about time you stop cautioning women and start respecting the constitution yourself.

Under article 28 of the 1997 Constitution (amended in 2002), women in Gambia are accorded equal rights with men. Respect that! And let’s get to work and fix this.

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